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Georgie hasn’t laid an egg since the beginning of April. That’s about 6 months egg free!! Incredible!!!

A year ago I started recording when she lays eggs, and since April 2009 she’s laid 11 clutches (2 eggs per clutch, therefore, she’s laid 22 eggs in a year). For some reason Georgie has decided to stop laying eggs, however, her mating behaviour has stayed the same. She still presents herself for mating and does her “I got lucky!” dance afterwards (see video: Bonded Georgie), however, she hasn’t laid an egg in 6 months – which is a big surprise for us. I’m not sure what’s going on.

In a way I am very happy – because I always worry when she starts laying eggs (takes a lot of energy and calcium, etc.) and Georgie also gets very moody and a bit difficult when she’s sitting on eggs. However, I’m also a bit bemused as to why she’s not laying any eggs now. I guess I should count myself lucky that she’s giving her body a break! :)

Continuous egg laying can be a real problem for bird owners since the health of the female bird can deteriorate over time as the demands of producing and laying eggs takes their toll. The danger of egg-binding (the inability to pass an egg that has formed) also becomes more prominent. Egg-binding is a life-threatening condition and the vet should immediately be consulted! (Read more on egg-binding: Eggbound symptoms)

I know I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Georgie was eggbound last year (Georgie eggbound), however, it is something that scared us a lot and not an experience we’d want to repeat. So I will take Georgie’s lack of eggs as a good sign and not encourage her too much in her mating behaviour. … Now that I’ve said this I bet she’ll lay eggs this month. :)