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Elmo likes to keep watch over me – to make sure I don’t overstep my place or do anything he thinks is unacceptable – especially if my husband (Elmo’s perceived mate) is not around. If I’m at my desk on my laptop – usually when I’m typing up a post – Elmo will hop onto Richard’s desk and walk over to the edge and peer around the computer to see what I’m doing (since my desk is next to Richard’s).

Another favourite spot to keep guard is on the sofa. Elmo has his side and I’m not allowed to sit there. No discussion.

So if I’m sitting a bit too close to his territory Elmo will stand by the territory line and watch me. Sometimes he’ll doze off a bit but every time I move he’ll open his eyes to check what I’m doing.

I think that maybe Elmo is making sure that Georgie and I don’t try to steal the prime nesting spot on the sofa. He’s protecting it so that when Richard returns from work they can ‘nest’ together. :)


Elmo right on the territory line. Actually, his toe is on my side!


The ever watchful gaze of a gorgeous pigeon!