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Dora’s aviary at my work isn’t 100% finished – there are a few adjustments and redesigns needed. One cannot expect to get everything right the first time, however, the aviary is nearly perfect as it stands. After seeing how the pigeons use the aviary and what things are missing or obsolete, I can now come up with a few jobs for the handyman at work to sort out. Knowing how slowly these things can go (some days I wish I had the know-how to be the handyman so I could do the job myself!) I have done some make-shift things in the aviary in the meantime.

One thing that was needed were nests for the pigeons and after searching the net for sturdy pigeon nests, I found a supplier that had some in stock. However, due to the suppliers ignorance in packaging, both lots of nests arrived broken. I promptly received a refund and was told that they wouldn’t ship any replacements out to me unless I placed a bigger order. Needless to say I was not happy and almost told them where to stick their nests!

Other suppliers didn’t have any in stock so I had to resort to putting up temporary nests of different materials and sizes that I found unused at work. Dora received an old basket which she happily explored and accepted as a suitable nest:


Dora and Pidge investigating their new nest


Dora feels quite comfortable in her 'compact' nest

On the other end of the aviary (where the shelf is wider. … Widening the shelf on Dora’s side is one of the jobs on the handyman’s list) Lord Nelson and Maddie get the only nest that wasn’t completely broken in transit, while Fleur and Marmalade get a plastic food dish.


Lord Nelson (left) and Marmalade (right) are on egg duty!

Now who said that pigeons pair for life? Poor Horatio boy has been dumped by his former mate, Peaches, who chose to pair up with Big Bob after his mate recently died. Peaches has been desperate to make a nest and must have realised that the hutch which Big Bob sleeps in is the best place – so she promptly left Horatio and shacked up with Big Bob! Scandal!!


Peaches (left) with her new mate Big Bob (right)

I found a small wicker basket and attached that onto Horatio’s shelf to entice Peaches back to him, however, he’s been left to coo all alone in it:


Horatio on his own - poor boy!

I do feel sorry for Horatio because he was single for so long until Peaches came along – and now she’s left him! Big Bob had lived with his former mate for over 5 years so he’s had company and love. I think he should tell Peaches to go back to Horatio!

I guess I will just have to wait for some female disabled or fancy pigeons to turn up at work to pair up with Horatio (and Stanley and Marmaduke who are also single).