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A special little birdie arrived at my work in the beginning of September: A tiny newly hatched baby collared dove that we weren’t sure would survive the first night – he was so small!

We popped him into a nest in an incubator for warmth and he received regular but small amounts of food throughout the first few days  – and much to our pleasure he survived and grew slowly but surely.

We call this special little guy Widget. :)


Widget - only about 5 days old

After being a week with us Widget received a friend – a bigger and older collared dove who immediately fell in love with him. The two keep each other company and love to be snuggled up together in their nest.


Widget (left) and his new brother/sister

At the moment both Widget and his new brother or sister are very friendly and have an adorable coo to attract our attention for food. With time both shall grow into healthy independant collared doves and will be released with other doves when ready.