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There’s not been much happening this weekend – just a few things about George. Yesterday, after a short shopping spree in town, we return to find Georgie’s cage all wet and her chest soaked – she had been trying to have a bath in her small water bowl. I immediately grabbed a wide shallow dish, filled it with warm water and placed it on the floor. Usually I have to swish my fingers in the water for a while to get Georgie to have a bath, however, this time, as soon as I placed her in the water she started swishing the water herself with her beak – the carpet got completely soaked (as did I!!)! I could see how happy she was to have a full soak and she obviously had lots of fun splashing me!

Today my husband saw some blood on Georgie’s beak and after investigating a bit he saw that one of her tail feathers is a bit weird looking and had blood dried to it. It looks like it is growing abnormally and Georgie has been trying to preen it out and caused the feather to bleed. We’re not worried too much because there hasn’t been a lot of blood but we will be keeping an eye on it and whether we’ll have to pluck it out (ouch! Not something I want to do). It must be sore. Poor girl!

As many of you know, Georgie stays during the day in her cage on the week-days while we’re at work and when we return home we find her cage a mess. It’s clear that she keeps herself busy with eating, ripping up the newspaper and playing with the water in her water bowl. I sometimes worry how she finds her food – being semi-blind – however, I have watched her gobble up the seed from her bowl so I know she is eating well.

Today though I watched something new in her feeding behaviour: Georgie stood in her food bowl and tried to find food on the floor!! What a character!! :)

Every time she moved she kicked seed out of the bowl and she then concentrated on trying to peck the seed off of the floor. I tried removing her and rattling the seed bowl to get her to realise that the seed is in the bowl, however, she just went back to her little game. So I left her to it and she spent a good half hour finding her food. At least it keeps her busy!

Ps. Maybe I should get her a wider bowl for her to sit in? That way she can swish and kick about to her hearts delight and the majority of the seed should stay in the bowl.