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What to say about dear Elmo? Well, firstly, he’s one of the sweetest, cutest, funniest and most loyal and loving pigeon there is – on the other hand, however, he’s one of the most annoying little sods around!! – How does he do it?! :)

So why am I saying this? What could Elmo possibly be doing to make me want to grab him and give him a big fat kiss – a kiss of love as well as a kiss of frustration at his behaviour. Well, Elmo has been patrolling his territory again and is been a bit tough on the rules – he’s giving me no leeway on the subject – I must not cross the territory lines or there’ll be hell to pay! This all makes getting comfortable on the sofa a bit difficult, especially when my arm sometimes goes over the line and it gets pecked at quite hard – ouch and owie!

So I end up staring at him as he stares at me – Elmo shaking a bit in his eagerness to attack me, me trying to give him the evil eye but failing miserably (how can I when Elmo is so adorable?!).

Now remember folks, when my husband isn’t around Elmo eventually backs down and asks for my attention and affection – which I can give him with little fear of being attacked. But as soon as Richard comes home, Elmo switches back to his original alliance. Talk about a cheat!

So I have to endure Elmo’s relentless negative attention at a safe distances, resisting the urge to grab him and smother him with kisses because I just love him so much! Even though he doesn’t love me (…well, maybe he does a bit but he sure doesn’t show it readily).

Pigeons, eh?! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them! :)

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