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Monday mornings are always busy for me at work – coming in after a 2 day break to find the Intensive Care Unit busting at the seams with casualties from the weekend. It takes us a few hours to reassess and sort out the new arrivals and older patients – but first I always have the need to go see Dora, Pidge and the other resident pigeons. I need to know that they are ok.

So I go to say good morning and to also check for any eggs (which, if found, I’ll replace with fake ones) and upon seeing Dora and Pidge I burst out laughing.

This is what I see:



It seems that Dora and her mate, Pidge, have been a bit too eager and ambitious in their nest building! :)

What darlings! Pigeons always seem to do something new to make me laugh and smile – this little skyscraper nest being such a gem. I can just see Pidge’s determination and dedication as he picks up another piece of straw and takes it to the ever growing pile. Dora must be thinking, “Are the eggs going to stay on top of this?”

I must admit I’d be very worried for their babies if I did let them raise a pair. I’d be too afraid that they’d fall off the nest – seeing as it is so high and a bit unstable. Surely Dora and Pidge must realise that the eggs and babies would be the safest in the basket – not balanced on top?!

Oh well, I just have to let them pretend that they know what they’re doing. :)