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Sometimes I look at Elmo and George and think, “Wow, I have pigeons in the house!” It’s an amazing thought. Out of all the pet owners out there, how many have pigeons? Before getting Georgie and Elmo I had never met anyone who has pigeons as pets. I didn’t even consider pigeons an option. Dogs, guinea pigs, parrots and rats were my prefered animals. Then I met baby George and she needed a home – so we gave her one. Then Elmo came along needing a home and we quickly welcomed him into ours.

Although I sometimes long to have a dog or other animals, at the moment we cannot, but I also wonder if we can ever get a dog for fear of it hurting George and Elmo. Would a puppy who we can train be better or an oldie who has little hunting desire left in him? I’m not sure I could take the risk.

So at the moment we have two pigeons in the house – but I’m also desperate to get an aviary (aviaries preferably!) to fill with disabled ferals and tame fancy pigeons. … but that dream has to wait till we win the lottery to be able to buy a house with acres of land! … In fact, I can boldly say that if I ever do win a big cash lottery prize I will set up a pigeon sanctuary for all those darling pigeons that need a forever home (well, I might do this even if I don’t win the lottery).

Anyway, I’m kind of forgetting what this post was originally supposed to be about: litte people in my home. Let me explain:

I’ll be in the kitchen and in walks Elmo, pecking at the floor (- just like a dog will pad into the room). I do a double-take and really look at Elmo – trying to see him as a pigeon but sometimes I see more than his external pigeon-looking body. I see his character and personality brimming over his body – disguising him – making me see him as a person rather than a pigeon. Love can do funny things to your eyes.

Some days I really struggle to view Elmo as a pigeon – he’s turning into a person in my eyes – but not a human – just another kind of being (kind of human). Confusing? Well, it is to me! :)