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Today is Georgie girl’s birthday (oops, hatchday!!)! I cannot believe she’s already 3 years old. It feels like we’ve had her for longer. For those who aren’t familiar with her story please go to her bio page.

It seems like only yesterday we brought home a small semi-blind boy, who later turned out to be a girl. We had to get over that shock first and start viewing Georgie as a girl (took me a while).

Today we celebrate the 2 years, 3 months we’ve had Georgie in our home. Over the past few years George has had to learn how to feed for herself (after almost a year of hand-feeding), she’s learnt to wear a bird harness and she’s been eggbound once. We lost her at one point and we’ve had to rehab her over her hot chocolate addiction. Georgie’s eyesight seems to have become a bit better – but still cloudy in one eye. The other has a distorted pupil.

We feel very privileged to have her in our life and hope to have many many many many more years with her.

Here’s Georgie and her pyramid of fairy cakes. Later she’s going to have a bowl of popcorn – her favourite! :)