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Pigeons drinking always makes me smile – since they can suck up the water unlike other birds they can really gulp it down when they’re thirsty. Elmo dunks his whole beak and forehead into the water – making his forehead very wet. It’s so sweet. George on the other hand is a bit more delicate in her drinking – she doesn’t make her forehead wet but she still puts her whole beak in the water sometimes. In fact, most pigeons do – which I find amazing since their nostrils are on their beaks. Do baby pigeons have to learn not to breath in when drinking? I can just imagine their parents teaching them how to be a good successful pigeon! :)

Me husband did the gardening today – mowing the lawn, strimming the hedge, etc. and Elmo was on the windowsill watching. He got very excited and kept trying to jump throught the glass. We couldn’t let Elmo out whilst Richard was working there since he’s scared of big machines… amongst other things. After a while Elmo calmed down and just watched Richard’s every move – like an eagle!

… I tried to upload a few videos of Elmo and Georgie but it didn’t work, which annoyed me to no end. I’ll keep trying, but first I’m going to relax with my pigeons and enjoy the evening. :)