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I don’t think I give Elmo and Georgie enough opportunities to have a bath, as was demonstrated when Georgie started shivering when she heard the shower go on – which is actually very strange since she doesn’t like to be under the shower. But it just goes to show that Georgie knows what the shower means: water = bath time!!

I first tried to get George to have a bath by putting her in the spray free end of the bath-tub, however, instead of enjoying some light rain on her Georgie proceeded to try to jump out of the bath. So after I had my shower (and got dressed and all that), I put a bowl of water on the floor for Georgie to have a bath. And she sure did! Splashing and swishing and spraying me with water!! She loved it! :)

Elmo saw what was happening and waltzed over, shivering and staring intently at the bowl of water. He really wanted to get in but Georgie was in the way. I splashed him with my fingers and he just shook even more with desire and anticipation. Georgie seemed oblivious to what was happening – she didn’t even register his existence, so intent and happy she was to have a bath!

A few times Elmo got really close to the bowl and when Georgie turned around her tail feathers moved into his face – I’ve never seen such a look of indignation and outrage on his face before!!

After George had her fill I let her flap about to dry off her feathers a bit and she then sat on the sofa for her ‘quiet time’, which she does after getting wet. I think she likes to be on her own to dry off. Elmo jumped into the bowl and had a wonderful time soaking himself (and me too!). Then he decided that the best place to dry off on was Richard’s keyboard. No matter how many times I tried to shoo him away Elmo just kept going back to the keyboard. So I let him. No point getting attacked over it.

I never get tired of watching pigeons having a bath. Which is why I’ll keep talking about it.

But I really don’t enjoy the smell of wet pigeon – it’s a bit much! :)