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Elmo’s second food love are pine nuts (peanuts are his first!). Because pine nuts are quite expensive I only give him some if I’m putting them in my dinner. I love to watch Elmo when he realises what it is that I’m holding in front of him. His eyes focus on the pine nuts and his head shakes ever so slightly. Then with utter determination he’ll peck at them – sometimes he misses (a handicap that often occurs from having had PMV when he was a baby) but sometimes he picks them up with precision. He would happily gobble them all up if I let him!!

Georgie, on the other hand, loves pancakes. This is also a rare treat but she loves to break pieces off and makes lovely sweet eager noises when she does. Her beak shines from the butter/oil on the pancakes! When I think she’s had enough I’ll remove her from my lap but Georgie always walks back to me and begs in a very babyish way – wings shrugging and little gentle pecks – “Please, mummy, can I have more?” It is hard to resist her!