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Remember Dora’s skyscraper nest? Well, Dora laid a few eggs in it but unfortunately they fell out and cracked on the floor. :(

The nest was just too high and flat – the eggs didn’t stand a chance. After this incident, Dora and Pidge have modified the nest to make it more egg friendly (they reduced the amount of straw and made a dip in the nest to nestle the eggs). I check the aviary for eggs every day and replace any with fake ones, but so far no eggs in the nest. I’m sure Dora will be laying a pair again soon.


And remember headless Elmo? Sometimes we look over and see Elmo in this position – his head tucked under his body, in-between his legs. He’s all quiet and waiting patiently for us to notice, and we don’t know for how long he’s been in that position waiting. Once we’ve noticed and placed our hands near him, Elmo will start cooing and wiggling his wings in happiness – still with his head tucked away.

I sometimes fear that Elmo will fall asleep on his head and suffocate himself, so I gently tease his head out from under him. Then, if he’s in a generous mood, he’ll let me stroke him without pecking me.