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Whenever I see Georgie or Elmo doing something funny or unusual then I usually rush to capture it on camera for everyone to witness. Failing that, I’ll quickly scribble down what I’ve seen for future reference.

Here’s a few things that I’ve jotted down in my notepad:

  • Georgie slurps!! – She’s a very noisy drinker; slurping up the water in a very uncivilised manner. What will the neighbours think?! :)
  • Elmo loves trouser tie cords! – He’ll spot them if you’re sitting next to him. He’ll look at them intently. Then he’ll peck at them and hold them in his beak and either try to take them with him to his nest, which isn’t possible because the tie cords are attached to your trousers, or he’ll try to swallow them! No idea why.

Other things I’ve written:

101 pigeon uses (tried and tested):

  1. Handheld brush: Hold pigeon in hands, tilt them so they fan out their tail feathers for balance and use the feathers to sweep up any mess.
  2. Fan: Perch pigeon on hand, then move your hand up and down to make the pigeon flap its wings, and hey presto, you have your own personal fan!

… That’s about as far as I got with that list. Any other suggestions?

And finally, I found the following thought:

“I guess the difference between having a pigeon and having a cat or a dog is that rarely, if ever, does a dog or cat view you as their mate. Therefore, you won’t get the same kinds of interactions and behaviours from a dog or cat that you’ll get from a bonded pigeon. A pigeon will love you like a partner.”

Not entirely sure where that thought came from, but it was most likely after having witnessed Elmo trying to feed Richard and then try to mate with him (for videos of this: January 14th). Not quite the same as seeing a dog hump your leg.

Ps. Please don’t get me wrong, I love dogs and cats. I’m in no way saying that they are any lesser than pigeons, just different. Obviously.


Mr Puddy-cat, who lives with my dad and little sister


Osku, a cairn terrier, who lives with my Finnish grandparents