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When I wrote the post “Of pine nuts and pancakes” with the statement “Elmo’s second food love are pine nuts (peanuts are his first!)” Richard immediately said to me, “No, they are not. Elmo’s first food love are sunflower seeds!!” Well, needless to say we haven’t spoken to each other since. … Just kidding. But it got me thinking. Which seed does Elmo like more?

I devised a little experiment. I put down three small dishes that contained pine nuts, sunflower seeds and peanuts.


Left to right: pine nuts, sunflower seeds and peanuts

Then Richard put Elmo down for him to choose which one he prefers to eat first. Here’s what happened:

This is my interpretation of what happened: Elmo saw the three dishes and isn’t sure what they are for. He’s a bit wary (he’s shaking a bit). Then he sees the peanuts and heads towards them. Elmo eats peanuts every day and so he’s instantly attracted to his daily treat, however, he quickly notices the sunflower seeds in the next container and starts to eat them. Now that he’s in between the two other dishes he sees the pine nuts and quickly goes to them. Elmo continues to eat the pine nuts until I feel that he’s had enough and take the dishes away.

I think it is safe to say that Elmo prefers pine nuts over peanuts and sunflowers. That’s my interpretation. I’m sure Richard will disagree. :)


Yummy pine nuts!