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Yesterday the clocks went back an hour to be on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for the winter (until 27th March 2011, when the UK switches to UK Daylight Saving Time for the summer). While some of us celebrate the extra hour we perceive to have gained that day, it does mess up your body clock for a while until you get used to the time shift.

I personally don’t like going back to GMT. It means the sun sets before I get home – and poor Elmo and Georgie are fooled into settling down to sleep for the night, when in fact we are on our way home and they have many hours still awake to be with us. Time to fish out the light switch timers!

Last winter we put the small lamp in the bedroom on a timer so it would turn on when it starts to get dark outside in order to allow Elmo to see and be free to move about the room to eat and drink, etc. Georgie is semi-blind and we don’t know exactly how or what she can see, therefore we don’t know how important it is for her to have light in order to eat and drink. But since we have established that she can detect light and dark differences we leave the corridor light on for her so she can “see”. Just in case. It wouldn’t be fair to assume she doesn’t need light to be active. I think her body clock is fairly normal to sighted pigeons so I will treat her in the same way. … She does get special treatment because of her disability (as does Elmo!), but there is no discrimination here! Rather, we spoil our two special needs pigeons! :)

We forgot to set everything up this morning so Elmo and Georgie were in darkness when we came home. Georgie was half asleep in her cage, however, Elmo was wide awake on the bed. We leave the curtains open so that they get as much natural light as possible and that the darkness approaches slowly and doesn’t take them by surprise. Elmo’s room is on the east side of the flat so he doesn’t see the sunset, and although Georgie is on the west side of the flat, I doubt that she can admire the sunset. I wonder if other animals stop every now and then to admire the beauty of nature – the spectacular show of sunrise and sunset? I like to think that they do.