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On Elmo’s right wing he’s got one pure white primary feather – I think it’s the sixth one in but cannot get close enough to check (gotta watch out for that beak of his!!). He doesn’t have any other white feathers on his wings so this one is a bit special – a little quirky feature of his.

I love the feather and whenever Elmo goes through a moult and drops it, I miss it. I’ve kept one in my Pet Pigeon Book (where I have Georgie’s and Elmo’s health records, weight charts, egg laying info, etc.). I eagerly await the return of Elmo’s White Wing Feather and am very joyful when I see it peaking out amongst the other primary wing feathers as it grows. … Yeah, I’m a bit of a dufus.


A very tatty looking boy!


Elmo's special white wing feather!


Where's the feather?!