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I seemed to have stumbled across a wonderful pigeon subculture of sorts (I use the word ‘stumble’ way too often). During my daily “foraging” on the world wide web – searching for tidbits and scraps of pigeon information that sustain me – I found a lovely pigeon named Mr. Pigeon (I mentioned him in my post, Woolly pigeons). I find him very adorable and have placed my name on the waiting list in the hopes I will soon have one of my own. :)

Mr. Pigeon by Charlotte P

Little did I know that there are actually dozens of other knitted pigeons out there – all being lovingly made by a different kind of pigeon lover: the pigeon knitters! If you cannot care for a real life pigeon, then have a knitted one instead! Guaranteed less mess, low cost and poop free… we hope! :)

Here are a selection of some beautiful, cute and simply wonderful knitted pigeons (simply click on the photos to go to the websites):

Tiny Perching Pigeons by Anna Hrachovec / Mochimochi Land

Percy pigeon by Alan Dart

Someone has knitted a Percy pigeon to keep her balcony baby pigeons company (the pattern can be found at Make your own Percy). Very sweet:

Percy Meets Bernie and Bernice

Pigeon by Various Projects

Pippi the Pigeon by FastCatUK on Etsy

Pancho the 'Scented' Pigeon by FastCatUK on Etsy

Pigeon by Katie Park

And now for other types of pigeons:

"Pigeon #1" by Erin McCord

Toy pigeon

Pigeon by Mo Willems

Fat Pigeon by Jen (Zooguu)