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Elmo was given a bit of wire from Richard’s arduino set and what did he do? He promptly took it to his nest. Uh oh. Does this mean that Elmo’s going broody again? Check out the video:

I’m not sure I can handle Elmo being broody again. The first time (in July) was an utter shock and we were transfixed in his nesting behaviour, but Elmo was very demanding and kept chasing me to remove me from the area where his precious (fake) eggs were, since I’m the competition and all.

I think we won’t encourage his nest building behaviour. … But he’s adorable when he does it. … I’ll let you know what we decide. :)


Off with the wire!


What an adorable couple! :)

Elmo’s broody saga: Elmo is broody!!, Moody Broody Elmo, Broody day three and Eggless Elmo.