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I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but no matter, here it is again: Sometimes Elmo will race after Richard if he leaves the room suddenly. I’ve been thinking that I should time him to see how quickly Elmo does it. Sometimes he surprises us both by being in the room so quickly. George has a knack of doing this too. You’ll walk into the bedroom, grab your jumper, for example, turn around and Georgie would be standing in the doorway. Gives you a shock!

I’ve also been trying to video Elmo when he has his “freak out” moments – usually when Richard has left the room and has accidentally closed the door so Elmo cannot follow him. Elmo does not like that at all and will run about flapping and going around in circles. The problem is that as soon as Elmo notices me filming him, he’ll turn his attentions to me and start cooing and dancing to the camera. Here’s my few attempts at secretly videoing Elmo (notice how I fail miserably!):