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Last week Elmo panicked when he couldn’t find his human mate, Richard, who had gone into the kitchen. For some reason Elmo didn’t look in the kitchen, rather he went into the bathroom and flapped about in a panic. Hearing the commotion Richard quickly went to Elmo and calmed him down, however, he found a clump of feathers on the floor. It seems to us that Elmo might have plucked them out in his panic. The only other explanation is that they fell out from the stress. Poor boy!

Richard found the bald patch on the side of Elmo’s chest and we were very surprised to see how big it was! Thankfully, new feathers are growing in the bald spot and we hope this incident doesn’t happen again.

Photo of bald patch taken on the 3rd Dec:

Photo Dec 08, 18 02 06

And the new feather growth on the 8th Dec:

Photo Dec 08, 18 02 24