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I made the mistake of putting the pink and white fleece on the sofa for Georgie to nest in. I did it to quieten her down because she was being very demanding and was flying about constantly to get to me (I was busy and couldn’t give her the attention she wanted).

She’s now looking as if she’s going to lay an egg. Oops.

I really should have known better. Georgie loves the pink and white fleece. It’s soft and warm and forms nicely into a nest. It’s where she laid her very first egg!


Georgie in her nest

We’ll have to wait and see if Georgie does lay an egg. If she doesn’t, I’ll be very worried because she’s holding herself in an egg-heavy way. And she’s pooing really big, watery poos – which is usually a sure sign of imminent eggs!

Another clear sign is her moodiness and her readiness to attack anything for no reason – which George’s been doing. She’ll all of a sudden run about and peck at the nearest object or person in anger.

Here’s my lovely girl being very sweet and loving:

And here she is in her nest when she suddenly pecks out in anger (I think she realised that I’m videoing her):