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Georgie is driving us mad. She’s still incubating her fake egg. It’s been 16 days now.

When Georgie’s sitting on her egg she’s quiet and still. She spends all day and probably all night on the egg. This isn’t normal since the male pigeon would be doing his part in the incubating, however, since Georgie’s mate is basically me and I cannot possibly incubate the egg, she is doing double-shifts.

Doing double-shifts for 16 days has taken its toll. Georgie is restless and very indecisive. She wants to come out of her cage for a stretch and a poo, then she flies about to get back into her cage. So I put her back. Georgie eats a bit, then 2 minutes later she wants out again. So I take her out. And Georgie flies about again trying to get back into the cage. So I put her back in. … You see what I’m getting at here. It’s driving me mad.

I have a feeling that Georgie is getting ready to abandon her egg. If it doesn’t hatch in the next few days Georgie will realise that she’s wasted her time and energy. … I feel really bad now writing this. Like I’ve duped her. However, if I were to take the eggs away straight after they were laid, then Georgie would pine for them and lay another pair soon again. If I let her incubate the infertile eggs then at least she goes through the motions her hormones are demanding her to do. The best thing would be to let her incubate fertile eggs and raise some babies, but so far no male pigeon has been interested in Georgie. They all think her eyes are weird and peck her.

One day, maybe I’ll find a nice disabled male pigeon who thinks the world of Georgie. One day, hopefully. She deserves it.