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Did we have a party last night? Were we up till midnight to celebrate the passing of one year to another?

Well, we did stay up but we didn’t have a party. Mostly due to a “cannot-be-bothered” attitude, feeling a bit run down and everything being ridiculously expensive on the 31st, we decided to ride this one out at home with the pigeons. I have to say, best decision ever! :)

Georgie wasn’t impressed with the loud bangs and the flashing lights of the fireworks that the neighbours insisted on displaying – so the curtains were closed and Georgie was snuggled up under my chin for comfort. The fire lanterns were nice though. Later we watched them floating away in the nights sky.

Elmo didn’t want to stay up till midnight. He was tired and wanted us to go to bed too. At first he paced around for a while, showing his discontent. Then he stood next to us and looked up with that “Why are you still up?” look in his eyes. “May we please go to sleep now,” he pleaded for the umpteenth time as he nibbled at Richard’s arm, trying to bend him to his will. After a while the poor boy fell asleep on the sofa – he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore and missed the coming of 2011.

Us humans, on the other hand, stayed up for the obligatory “Happy New Year” chant and kiss. Elmo was delighted when we finally went to bed – with him slumbering with satisfaction on the bedside table.

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and may 2011 be pigeon friendly!! :)