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We had some lovely visitors the other day – much to Elmo’s delight! He couldn’t get enough of them. Cooing and dancing around their feet and outstretched hands, Elmo entertained them and I hope captured their hearts! :)

George was mostly silent and let Elmo do his thing. She’s shy.

It was so nice to meet new people who love pigeons, so thank you J and M for popping round! :)

In other news, Elmo’s white wing feather has fallen out! Oh no! I’ll have to record how quickly it grows back because I’m not sure how quickly feather growth occurs. It will be interesting to find out.

Elmo has been very angry at me lately, constantly following and trying to attack me. I don’t know what I’ve done to piss him off but I’m trying to keep out of his way so he can settle down and not fret about me.

Also, Elmo has taken a shine to Richard’s Dremel case. It’s big, it’s blue and by all accounts Elmo should hate it but for some bizzare reason he doesn’t. Elmo has been standing on it and cooing to it and I think he tried to mate with it at one point. … What a confused boy!



I tried sneaking a photo of Georgie but she reacted too quickly for me, so here she is not in the relaxed mode I wanted to show you but with her hackles raised!