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I feel a bit stupid. A while back I was trying to sort out the resident pigeon aviary, called “Pidge’s aviary”, at my work – kitting it out with all the proper pigeon paraphernalia – however, I was finding it hard to buy the things I wanted (e.g. fake eggs, mineral pick pots, nest bowls, etc.). All the pigeon supply companies I contacted either didn’t have things in stock, were having technical problems and couldn’t process orders or had shipping problems. So I was really struggling. Somehow I managed to get the things I wanted, however, the ceramic nest bowls still eluded me.

Last week I visited the feed store my work orders straw and seed from just to have a nosy around and see what they had to offer. And what do I see on the top shelf, almost out of sight?! Yes, you guessed it, a whole stack of nest bowls!! And all this time I could have simply asked the feed store if they had any pigeon things and it would have saved me the trouble of the countless hours of internet trawling!! Grrrrr…. Stupid me!

Anyway, now I have the bowls and I very happily gave one to each of the pairs in the aviary and Pidge and Dora were ecstatic! They finally have a big enough nest to sit in side by side in love. :)


I had to attach the nests to the ledge so they won't fall off.


The male pigeons checking out the new furniture.


Dora and her mate, Pidge, are happy!