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A wonderful little pigeon has been named!

(I forgot to post about the vote but hey-ho, next time I’ll be more vigilant!)

I hope to hear more about little Galamb as he grows up! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Galamb!

Everybody meet Galamb. Galamb was a name suggestion received from Revati Poole, writer of Pigeons As Pets! Coincidentally, the name Galamb also transfers over from Hungarian into Pigeon in English and with a name so unique, I did not find it hard to believe it as the most voted for name. I’m a little stuck as to how to pronounce the name but my Google resources pronounces it as “Ga-Lung” almost, not the literal “Ga-Lamb” as I first thought. Finally with a name, I’m going to try and get him/her used to the name as soon as possible and can’t wait for the fun to begin. Thank you to everyone who suggested a name and to everyone who voted. I appreciate it very much. Pigeon Madness, Get Some!