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Somehow Elmo got jam on his head. One morning I looked over at Elmo and saw a shiny patch on his head and thought, “What’s that?” Richard had a feel and said, “I think it’s jam!” Ok then. Jam. WTF!

While Richard cleaned Elmo’s head I thought about it. Yes, I had made myself some jam on toast. Yes, I was sitting next to Elmo on the sofa. Even though I admit to sometimes being a messy eater, I don’t think I somehow flung the jam from my toast onto Elmo. Maybe Elmo came over when I wasn’t looking and dunked his head in the jam. What’s the likelihood of that?

In the end, after all this deliberation (it was a lazy morning that day – I had nothing else to do), I decided that the jam must have fallen on Elmo’s head when I had been spreading it on the toast in the kitchen. Elmo had been standing near me at the time so that’s the only realistic scenario I can think of.

In other news, Georgie had a fly about and landed in the bin. When I approached her she went bananas – spinning about and cooing excitingly. I think she believed she had found a lovely nest!


Georgie in the bin

I love this photo of Elmo. He wasn’t impressed with his temporary necklace so we had to quickly take it off!


Love Elmo