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A typical afternoon with Elmo and Georgie:

Georgie relaxed and intent on a full body preen! :)

This is a wonderful story about a little woodpigeon hatched on a flower box on a window sill in Paris:

In late June 2008, a Wood Pigeon couple began to trash the geraniums in the flower box of my office window. I chased the pigeons away several times, but they persisted. Then I noticed a nest. I decided to let them stay and see what would happen…

An egg appeared.

Please click on the link to read the rest of the story! Well worth it! :) http://www.hopeinparis.com/hope

And a beautiful slide-show about Hope:

Elmo had another go at Templeton, the soft toy rat! We threw the toy around and Elmo raced after it to kill it. We managed to get the end of the game on video – you can see that Elmo’s getting tired of running after Templeton, but he still manages to attack it. We love Elmo!! :D

Life with the pigeons is getting more interesting by the minute. My love and admiration for the species increases and I’ve decided that all I want in life is to be surrounded by them. … I’m doomed! You cannot stop me from becoming a crazy pigeon lady!! :D

Here’s our dear pigeons being their usually silly, lovely selves:


Elmo thinks the world looks better from this point of view!


Comfortable, Elmo?


Not sure where Georgie thinks she's going but I'm pretty sure Amazon won't accept live animals.


Georgie holding me captive. I cannot disturb her when she's so comfortable.

Elmo had some unexpected visitors while we were out. Richard came home early to find two men with a ladder by our bedroom window. No, not burglars, rather the cleaners since the guttering on the building was growing its own roof-top garden (seriously, I half expected to see a tree growing from them!).

Richard saw that Elmo was on the bedside table, shaking with fear. Strange, he thought. Usually Elmo gets wildly excited about visitors and would be seen dancing and cooing to them. Not this time though.

One of the men asked, “Is that a pigeon in there?”

“Um, yes,” Richard replied. Now, does he act casual about it or make a big deal?

“Is it a rescued pigeon,” the man then asked.

“Yes, he is,” Richard replied. And that was that really. These men must see all kinds of strange things in people’s homes when they’re cleaning the guttering and roof. A pigeon probably only registers as “Not to be expected, but not that weird” on their “Weirdness chart”. :)

Richard told me what happened when I got home and after thinking about Elmo’s out of character behaviour, I realised it must have been because of the ladder. After enquiring about it from my hubby we discovered the cause of Elmo’s fearful behaviour: the men were wearing hard-hats!!

Elmo is scared of anyone, Richard included, if they’re wearing a hat. Mystery solved!