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We’ve made a few changes on this website.

The calender is now an Archive and should be easier to navigate. Simply click on the month and year you want and read through the posts (it shows the last post of the month first). At the bottom of the page you’ll find a “Previous entries” button to go back through to the beginning of the month. Please note that in 2010 there was a post a day so there’s quite a lot of reading to do if you’ve only just found us! :D

Another change we made was to add a “Featured” box at the top (part of the row of pink boxes) which contains those posts we think should stand out on their own because of the information in them (e.g. what to do if you find an injured pigeon, and about pigeons and disease).

As we learn more about pigeons and have more contact with other pigeon people we’ll be making changes and adding or taking away things we think will help make our blog as pigeon friendly as possible!

We’re not a pigeon rescue centre, we don’t breed or sell pigeons, nor do we race or show pigeons. We simply share our lives with two amazing feral pigeons who show us every day that life with pigeons is life worth living.

(Too corny? :) )