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I’ve talked about Elmo’s balance problems before and we’ve noticed that he finds it hard to stand on one leg and stretch out his other leg and wing at the same time (in the normal pigeon way).

One day Richard held Elmo on his back and touched his legs and Elmo stretched them out with full force and freedom! He loved it!! Finally, Elmo can have a proper stretch (with a little help from us)! :)

Here’s a short clip to demonstrate:

At work we had a surprising new arrival: A silver baby!

He was found on the ground, unharmed but not coping. He’s such an unusual colour. He’s so pretty. I’ve never seen this colouration in feral pigeons before. Maybe he’s a mix?


And we’ve added a new pigeon to Dora and Pidge’s aviary. He came to us unable to walk and although he’s recovered from his original illness and injury, he’s permanently damaged – incapable of lifting his tail feathers and therefore unable to perch. He has to stay on a level surface.

I cannot think of a name for him. He’s a lovely blue bar with tatty tail feathers. Any suggestions?


New resident pigeon