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A few weeks ago I posted two articles about feral pigeons in my area from the local papers (see: Local pigeon news). I felt I had to reply to the articles from a pro-pigeon perspective, and they published my views in the “letters” section. I wonder if anyone will bother to attack my views or if someone will agree with them. I’ll keep an eye out.

But first, I found the original “pigeon and hawk” article online, so here it is. Simply click on the photos to zoom in (keep clicking!).

Pigeon article1

Pigeon article2


And my letter in response to the article:

My letter

And my comment on the pigeons under the railway bridge article:

Although I do not reside in the Sherwood area, I know of the bridge mentioned in the article (“Councillor vows he will clip the wings of pigeon problem”). The design of the bridge is an ideal nesting spot for feral pigeons and without proper netting they will continue to use the space.

My concern regarding the article is that Mr Backhouse says he’s pushing for the railway authority to “re-house” the pigeons. I’m doubtful any pest control company will actually re-home these pigeons, rather, they would most likely kill any babies they find. Besides being cruel this is totally unnecessary since there is a local wildlife rescue centre (Folly Wildlife Rescue in Eridge Green) that would take in any feral pigeons and pigeon babies found for rehabilitation and re-homing.

R Poole