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We love our minicards so much that we decided to order some other products from MOO.

I like to send snail mail and usually seal envelopes with a sticker when writing to my friends so I asked Richard to design something that can be put onto stickers. The sticker book from Moo contains 90 stickers of our own design (4 different designs). I love them! Have a look:


We’re thinking of also making some postcards with Elmo, Georgie, Dora and our logo on them – maybe with some funny captions – that we can send to friends and to also sell with the stickers. To spread the pigeon love!

We had a thought that it would be wonderful to also distribute postcards with photos of YOUR pigeons on them*. We will, of course (if requested), put the name of the pigeon and your name or the organisations name on the card.

If you’re interested please email photos to me. We’re using recaptcha to protect our email address against spam, so please click here to reveal our email address.

We won’t be able to use all the photos – it depends on the quality and composition – however, please send them to me and I’ll let you know if we use your photo! Thank you!

We’ve been going through our own pigeon photos and picked out a few we think would make nice postcards. What to you think?





I’ve got loads more photos to go through to pick out the best ones, and hopefully I’ll be able to show you the finished products soon.

* Please note that as we plan to reproduce, edit, and distribute any photos sent in, that by sending in photos you waive any copyright you may have to the original photo. We will not send the original photo to any third party not directly engaged in producing these postcard / greeting cards, and if requested we will incorporate the photographer / pigeon / organisations name into the final artwork.