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So you return home from work, eager to greet your pigeon, and what do you discover? No pigeon. Result: heart racing uncontrollably, panic stations armed and ready to explode.

This is what happened to Richard when he opened the bedroom door (fully expecting Elmo to greet him with joyous cooings). A vacant room. Pigeon missing.

I had been home earlier and when I left I put Elmo in the bedroom. I remember this distinctly because I felt bad in having to leave him so soon after returning home (I was only home for about half an hour). So I know I put Elmo in the room. I know I closed the door. So where’s Elmo?

Richard starts calling Elmo’s name and searching behind the door, under the bed, and then he looks behind the stack of books (that are covered with a cloth) by the radiator. And there’s Elmo, stuck between the books and the radiator, cooing his head off now that he’s seen Richard.


The space where Elmo was stuck.

Richard shifts the pile of books and retrieves his pigeon. Elmo is very happy to be rescued and starts dancing about. He’s covered in dust and loose feathers but otherwise unharmed. We don’t know how long he was stuck there for (I was away for an hour) nor how he managed to get himself in that situation. He doesn’t usually fly onto the books but I think Elmo got upset when I left him and he flapped about trying to find me and ended up falling by accident. Poor boy. We’ll have to move the books now so it doesn’t happen again (a bigger bookcase is on my “to buy” list so I can have all my books on display).

As you can imagine, Elmo received lots of cuddles and kisses after his ordeal. We too felt the need to recover from the experience and pigeon cuddles does the trick. :)


Elmo is fine!


Happy to be rescued.