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I love living with pigeons. They’re just the best. :)

Elmo has been incredibly nice to me now that I get home from work before my husband does (who is Elmo’s “mate”, so to speak). Elmo tucks his head under his body, twitches his wings and coos invitingly to me, basically saying, “Come over, give me a cuddle, I love you.” What a sweetheart!

The other day we had burritos (veggie for me) and Elmo came over and very sweetly asked for some. It’s amazing how he does this. A particular look comes on his face and he makes sweet little movements – it’s hard to explain (and wonderful that we understand what he wants. He’s a pigeon, for crying out loud!). I tried to get it on camera, however, every time I took it out Elmo stopped what he was doing and started dancing to the camera. Show-off!


Elmo and the empty plate

Some of you may know already that I’m a bit of a bookworm, a bookaholic if you may. I have 371 books and not a big enough bookcase to store them in (books are currently being used as a make-shift table in places). I keep my pigeon books and some bird and wildlife care books on my desk at easy reach and Templeton, the rat and Mr. Pigeon have pride of place on them to keep me company. :)

One day I’ll have to write a book about living with pigeons. In a way, this blog is keeping everything on record so that I can one day piece it all together.


Templeton and Mr. Pigeon guard my books