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We sadly lost Teresa, a disabled white pigeon, today. She passed away in the afternoon after living in the resident pigeon aviary at my work for over 6 years due to a broken wing. While we don’t know how old she was when she was first brought to the rescue centre, we could, however, see that she was an older girl.

A few months ago we noticed that Teresa found it hard to walk about, especially if the ground wasn’t even, so we housed her in a seperate pen with two young pigeons for company (the males in the resident aviary were harassing her too much and she couldn’t get away from them easily), and she was fine with them and living her life as comfortably as possible until the end. She had received pain relief and other medication to help her with her mobility but we noticed no improvement.

Teresa was a reserved pigeon but loved her side of a nesting hutch and defended it from all intruders. I was very sad when her mate, Hookbill, died suddenly last year and was hoping she would pair up with one of the single male pigeons, but she didn’t seem to like them at all. Teresa never remated.

I hope that the life we provided her was good enough and that she didn’t suffer in her last hour of life. I was sadly not there to see her pass away. I will miss her.


Beautiful Teresa


Teresa (top right)

Teresa in her half of the hutch, defending it from Stanley (bottom right), the late Big Bob (top left) and Peaches (bottom left) who tried to cohabit together in the other side of the hutch.