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Once upon a time, as a little girl wandering about my local library, I found a book on origami. As an art form it intrigued me, however, I wasn’t much good at it. I seemed to lack the ability to fold a piece of paper in a neat fold. So the book was returned and my attention went elsewhere.

Today my husband showed me a photo of an origami blue bar pigeon (the photo below) and I went, “Wow! I want it!!” Isn’t it impressive? Looks like he gift wrapped a pigeon! :D Blue Bar Pigeon by Seth Friedman:

Blue Bar Pigeon by Seth Friedman

Upon searching for other origami pigeons I found this amazing one, called Paloma de Barras Azules by Roman Diaz:

Paloma de Barras Azules by Roman Diaz

We may not be able to make such complicated and delicate folds as the above origami sculptures, however, I’m sure we could make this one: Origami Dove. Such a simple and beautiful design:

Origami dove

And isn’t this origami pigeon gorgeous?

I also found this website that has a gallery of origami pigeons and doves: http://www.origami-kids.com/photo-birds/pigeon-1.htm