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Pigeon people can be so ridiculous sometimes. Well, at least in this household.

I’ve noticed a few silly things we do that have seeped into our normal behaviour. One is that whenever Georgie raises her wings in the air we do the same. Here’s what I wrote about it in 2010:

“…Georgie has an odd behaviour when she’s broody. Occasionally, and quite suddenly, she’ll lift both wings straight up a couple of times. She doesn’t take off or get up for a stretch, she simply raises her wings then settles back. Not sure what that’s about, but everytime she does both Richard and I raise our arms in response. It’s become a little game of ours. We’ve even done it when we’ve had guests over. … I know, we’re weird pigeon people.” (from Georgie eggbound)

Another thing we do is shout “Pigeon!!” whenever we see one on TV (e.g. in an advert or movie). I guess we should develop this into a drinking game. :D

And then there’s The Running Game! Elmo loves to chase things and will run after Richard if he runs away – it’s a fun little game they play sometimes.

On a totally different subject, here’s Georgie girl falling asleep on the sofa. She’s sitting down in a funny position and I managed to take a photo without disturbing her.


Georgie taking a nap