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I’ve been looking at some really impressive tattoos online. Just type “pigeon tattoo” in the search engine for amazing results! (Should I get one? Should I? :) )

Some examples:

From In Skin Tattoo Studio in Tunbridge Wells:

Dove tattoo by Mark

Outline doves back neck tattoo by Mark

Someone even has Mo Willem’s pigeon:

They’re great children books. I’ve got a few and will most likely buy them all! :) http://www.pigeonpresents.com

Thought I’d share this article that was brought to my attention. I think the answer really is that the pigeon was deliberately dyed. Reading what the experts have to say on the subject, however, made me smile (especially when a man from the RSPB confirms that it is a pigeon. LOL). :) (I wrote about dyeing pigeons: Painted pigeons – is it right?)

The pigeon that’s in the pink!
Bizarre bird baffles experts with its brightly coloured feathers

  • Cause of bird’s strange colouring remains a mystery
  • Could have been dyed deliberately or changed due to its diet

By Sam Adams

PUBLISHED: 12:31, 10 August 2012 | UPDATED: 12:55, 10 August 2012

Is this pink pigeon a punk, or just pretending to be a flamingo?

They may be seen as pests by some, but this bizarre-looking pigeon has been earning admirers since it was first spotted in Ealing, west London.

The brightly-coloured bird, seemingly a white pigeon with large blotches of luminous pink on its feathers, has nevertheless left experts mystified.

'Punk pigeon': Experts are not sure what caused the bird's pink colouring
‘Punk pigeon’: Experts are not sure what caused the bird’s pink colouring
Odd one out: The pigeon certainly stands out from the other birds
Odd one out: The pigeon certainly stands out from the other birds
Colourful sight: The exotic-looking pigeon's appearance has been welcomed in Ealing
Colourful sight: The exotic-looking pigeon’s appearance has been welcomed in Ealing

Jean Moles, of Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, thought she was seeing things when she first laid eyes on the colourful bird perching on her neighbour’s roof last Saturday.

She said: ‘It sits on the flat roof next to my window. It’s pink with white streaks and a grey head. I’ve never seen one in my 74 years.

‘The Frenchman next door took a picture of it, he said he’d never seen anything like it either.

‘I feed the pigeons, I don’t care if the council don’t like it. This one appeared and it just fascinated me.’

An extremely rare species of pink pigeon – nesoenas mayeri – does exist but is native to Mauritius, thousands of miles away in the Indian Ocean. The telltale difference is its grey wings, absent in this bird.

Questions: It is not clear whether the pigeon was deliberately daubed in pink or whether its feathers were coloured accidently
Questions: It is not clear whether the pigeon was deliberately daubed in pink or whether its feathers were coloured accidently
Discovery: Jean Moles spotted the pink pigeon while feeding birds near her home in Ealing, west London
Discovery: Jean Moles spotted the pink pigeon while feeding birds near her home in Ealing, west London

Bird expert Tim Webb from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) confirms that it is a pigeon, but cannot be certain why or where the bird picked up its wild plumage.

Regularly eating foods with high levels of beta carotene and canthaxanthin – harmless natural food pigments – could change the colour of its feathers, he said.

Pink flamingoes get their colour from feeding on shrimp.

Alternatively, it could have been dyed deliberately by a bird keeper or accidentally splashed in a puddle of stained water.

A research group in Wormwood Scrubs recently dyed ring-necked parakeets purple to track their movements.

Mr Webb added: ‘Either way it’s a colourful addition to London’s wildlife – a punk pigeon to add to the records of the capital’s bizarre and unexpected category of natural attractions.’

My work requires me to apply an analytical mind to day to day tasks, and I must admit analytics facinate me.

Take for example our YouTube account. We opened our YouTube account on 17/06/2010 (thats 17th June 2010 to you folks over the pond), and over the past couple of years we’ve uploaded over 130 videos of pigeon related goodness, some more successful than others.

Our top 10 videos:

# Video Title Views
1 Baby feral pigeon feeding 40,719
2 Pigeons kissing and mating 32,043
3 Pet pigeon (Elmo) cooing and dancing to camera 12,775
4 Pet pigeon (Elmo) in nest with toys 10,535
5 Pet pigeon (Elmo) and the food experiment 8,669
6 Pet pigeon (Georgie) flying in garden with harness on 4,831
7 Pet pigeon (Elmo) very excited: cooing and head-butting 4,021
8 Pigeons in aviary – males coo to female 3,933
9 Courting male pigeon 3,746
10 Baby pigeon begging for food 3,468

Now I think that’s pretty impressive.

SO! Help us out and share our videos, or subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Elmo was being so ridiculous yesterday. I’ve never seen him in such a state. He was utterly jealous of Georgie!

I let Georgie incubate the fake eggs for longer than usual to prevent her from laying another set of eggs too soon since she’s had some health problems with the previous pairs of eggs (see: Vet trip and Updates on Georgie and Elmo) so Elmo hasn’t had any real contact with her or seen her for about a month. Yesterday Georgie decided she’d had enough (and frankly, so had I! I wanted my cuddly pigeon back) and left the nest to join me and you should have seen the look on Elmo’s face!!! He was livid. He couldn’t handle all the attention I was giving Georgie.

Now Georgie is my ‘mate’, while my husband is Elmo’s, so it’s only natural for me to reestablish my bond with Georgie. But Elmo wasn’t impressed. Since I’ve been home more often during the daytime Elmo has decided he likes me and has been bonding with me as well. I think, with Georgie out of the picture for a month, Elmo thought he was top bird! :D

So when Georgie started to cuddle with me last night on the sofa Elmo raced over and was visibly shaking with jealousy and anger at the sight of me cuddling Georgie. It was hilarious!! As soon as I looked down at Elmo he’d twitch and coo to invite me to cuddle him, but if I ignored him to cuddle Georgie he’d peck my arm to get my attention.

I’ve never seen him this jealous before. Usually Georgie is jealous of Elmo when I give him attention, so it was funny to see Elmo jealous of her! (see: Jealous Georgie!)

I now have two needy pigeons vying for my attention.