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I’ve taken two short videos of my two disabled, extremely tame (imprinted, really) feral pigeons as a sort of introduction to them for those of you who’ve just discovered my blog. Welcome! :)

And for those of you who already know my pigeons, here’s a few little things about Elmo and I:

I find myself calling Elmo “Mr Pigeon Pie” more often now. Shameful, isn’t it?! :D This is now a term of endearment for him, not a threat – unlike what I wrote about in 2011: Pigeon pie

Sometimes when I get up from the sofa to leave the room Elmo quickly follows me. I obviously leave his side without his consent. Other times Elmo is content to wait for me to return and often falls asleep before I do, so when he wakes up to see me by his side after only a minute later, he acts as if I’ve been away all day and greets me accordingly (which is to say, ecstatically!!).

A while back my husband and I visited a feed store to see what pigeon products they had and came back with lovely pigeon conditioning seed and mineral pick-pots. As many of you know, Elmo loves his pick-pot (see: Pet pigeons can be so silly sometimes…), so we decided to get a few different types for Elmo the peck at. Sadly, Elmo hasn’t taken to the new pick-pots. I don’t know why, however, I’ll leave them there just in case he changes his mind.


Elmo's new pick-pots (the two on the left)