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Yesterday morning there was a flurry of snow outside, which in my eyes means that winter is officially upon us. I have been trying to ignore the other signs that have been thrust upon us (drop in temperature, shorter days, etc.), however, yesterday the white landscape was a visual signal that it is now time to snuggle down.

So snuggle down I did. With my pigeons, of course. There’s nothing better than wrapping up and warming yourself with a toasty pigeon on your lap. Georgie is particularly good at it – in fact, she insists on being the first to warm me when I return home from work. If my hands are cold I simply place them under Georgie for a quick warming. :D

And once I’m all wrapped up and toasty there’s nothing else to do except knit something. Often Georgie will try to take the needles from me – sometimes she succeeds and shakes it about. Like so:


Georgie on my lap


Georgie girl


Relaxed Elmo


Elmo in his nest