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Whenever my husband and I travel abroad or in the United Kingdom we always notice the pigeon and dove species – nothing terribly exotic, mind you – just the common feral pigeon, woodpigeon and collared dove. One day we’ll go to Seychelles and see some more exotic looking species (see: In search of pigeons – in Seychelles).

We recently went to Devon and Dorset (in the South West of England), and visited the pretty town of Lyme Regis. We were walking along the stone walkway by the beach and suddenly heard a distinct cooing noise. We stopped, searched and found the source of the cooing coming from a drain on the stone floor. Worried that there was a pigeon somehow trapped down the drain we tapped at the grill and the cooing immediately stopped. We then noticed a feral pigeon flying from the other side of the wall. Further investigation revealed that a pair of feral pigeons had taken up residence in the hole in the wall and we had rudely interrupted the male’s courtship coos. :D


Lyme Regis


Feral pigeon


Spot the pigeon?


Feral pigeon


Feral pigeon


Feral pigeons on a roof


Feral pigeons enjoying the sunshine


Feral pigeons