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We’ve been living in Newcastle upon Tyne for a month now and all is going well. Here’s Elmo and Georgie’s new set up in the living room.

2013-09-22 15.31.47

Georgie’s cage.

2013-09-22 15.32.06

Elmo’s cornered off area.

As you can see, Elmo has a covered section with his igloo bed, food, water, and mineral pick pots. He loves to sleep half under the sofa, so we have to cover the floor under there too. At night, and when we’re not home, the little fence is closed so he cannot get into mischief. Since Georgie cannot see very well she feels secure in her cage at night, where she knows exactly where her food and water are.

As well as enjoying a bath in our cat’s, Hugo’s, water bowl, Elmo also likes to drink from it – ignoring the one in his area if he’s got the choice. He’ll walk into the kitchen from the living room with the sole purpose of drinking from the cat’s water dish. Every day Elmo surprises me with his behaviour and choices. :)

More photos of our family in their new home:

2013-09-21 10.27.54

Georgie impersonating a rock pigeon!

2013-09-21 10.28.00

Where’s her head?! :) Georgie preening.

2013-09-18 12.26.00

Elmo looking so handsome!

2013-09-08 09.45.14

Pretty Georgie.

2013-09-07 16.51.35

Hugo tentatively exploring the garden.