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Dear readers,

I want to thank you for all your support and interest in the years I’ve been posting stories, photos and videos of Georgie and Elmo pigeons. I really appreciate the comments, photos and stories you’ve shared with me.

It has been an experience living with such wonderful birds and I am delighted that I’ve been able to portray this to others and to also help a little in dispelling the myths about pigeons. I expect that my life with Georgie and Elmo will still be filled with wonder and suprises, however, I sadly haven’t got the time to write about them as in depth as I would like anymore.

I shall continue to post photos and videos of my pigeons on Pigeons as Pets Facebook and YouTube pages, so please continue to follow their story.

You can find all the posts from the beginning (Jan 2010) in our Archive folder above if you want to revisit (or visit for the first time) the adventures Elmo and Georgie have had.

Once again,

Thank you!!