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Just wanted to update you on the progress of the pigeons and doves at my work that I have previously mentioned.

  • Widget and his collared dove friends have been released. Hooray! We wish them all the luck in the world that they stay safe!
  • Dotty is almost ready for release (it’ll happen in the next week or so). She’s grown well and is no longer interested in humans and is currently chilling out with other collared doves in an aviary.
  • We have found a home for the 6 fantail pigeons. Yay! We are satisfied that they can fly well and they have good predator awareness (I observed their behaviour to determine this). The lady who is taking them will keep them enclosed for a few weeks while they get used to the area and see the existing flock she feeds and cares for, and then they will be free flying around her home.
  • The young stock dove is in an aviary with collared doves (because we don’t have any other stock doves at the moment), and will also be released later this month when we’re happy that he’s old enough (we’ll wait a bit for the iridescence to appear on his neck). He has reverted back to his wild state and doesn’t want anything to do with us humans, which is great because we can release him without having to worry that he’s tame! Here’s a photo of him:

Stock dove with a collared dove (right). 27th October

As promised, here are a few photos of little Widget who has grown up and is almost ready for release:


Handsome boy! :)


Widget (second from left) with other collared doves

This is Dotty (mentioned in yesterdays post), another tiny collared dove, with her wood pigeon friend:


Dotty (front) and friend


The baby woody is bigger than older Dotty

She’s grown nicely but is still a tiny tot. This was Dotty on her arrival at my work on the 20th Sept:


Ps. I was going to post a short video of Elmo welcoming us home, but the upload was too slow and messed things up so I’ll try again another time.

Watched Georgie through the window before entering our home and she was on her perch having a quiet preening session. As soon as she heard us at the door she lept off the perch and was waiting for us to let her out. Eager! :)

Elmo was on the window sill. Sometimes he hears us come home, in which case he’ll be cooing and dancing on the bed or on the floor with anticipation. Today he didn’t but as soon as he saw me peering in he lept from the window sill onto the bed and started his greeting dance. We really should capture it on video one of these days.

Elmo likes to preen my husband and here he is in his loving mood:

Sometimes, though, Elmo preens a bit too much and little red marks appear on Richard’s arm (where he’s pulled a little bit of skin off). Ouch.

In other news, little Widget has grown up into a slightly scruffy looking collared dove and is in an aviary with other collared doves, waiting for a break in the weather to be released. Hooray! :) (Photos to come if I manage to remember.) We had another little 1 day old baby collared dove in, which I have named Dotty since she’s as small as a dot.

A special little birdie arrived at my work in the beginning of September: A tiny newly hatched baby collared dove that we weren’t sure would survive the first night – he was so small!

We popped him into a nest in an incubator for warmth and he received regular but small amounts of food throughout the first few days  – and much to our pleasure he survived and grew slowly but surely.

We call this special little guy Widget. :)


Widget - only about 5 days old

After being a week with us Widget received a friend – a bigger and older collared dove who immediately fell in love with him. The two keep each other company and love to be snuggled up together in their nest.


Widget (left) and his new brother/sister

At the moment both Widget and his new brother or sister are very friendly and have an adorable coo to attract our attention for food. With time both shall grow into healthy independant collared doves and will be released with other doves when ready.