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I added this one to YouTube a while ago, but hadn’t posted it here:

Elmo is generally a happy pigeon. He’s content laying in his nest (a guinea pig nest) twitching furiously at me for the most part of the day / evening, occasionally wondering around the flat and calling me to what he considers ideal corners to roost in.

Sunday wasn’t one of those days. Elmo is a little put out that we have a new pigeon in the house (Malcolm / Minnie) and hasn’t been behaving like himself. He’s very aggressive, and very territorial!

On-top of this we discovered something we thought was hugely entertaining. If we showed Elmo the blue underside of his nest he went absolutely bananas! He’d rush up to it to attack it, wing slap it, and vigorously peck at it. Most unlike Elmo. We may have taken this a little too far on Sunday, and Elmo spent the most part of the afternoon and evening in a foul mood indeed.

On Monday we decided it would be best if we didn’t take Malcolm / Minnie home, to give Elmo and Georgie a break. Elmo is most pleased with this decision and is back to his normal loving self again.

-12°C means little to this little guy :)


We are of the opinion that Elmo doesn’t consider himself pigeon, but rather as a human. One very confused pigeon we thought.

However, is this entirely true? My recent post on Pij-n-Angels website has made me think that perhaps, us pigeon owners are in fact being turned into pigeons by our beloved pets. Take these rather crazy behavious as examples:

  1. I preen my pigeon. I use my nose as a beak and will run it around his neck, and occasionally tug a few feathers using my lips.
  2. My pigeon feeds me, my little finger being a ‘beak’ he forces down his own throat.
  3. We nest together: On the sofa he will sit near me, or in his nest cooing away trying to get my attention. When we go to sleep we nest together (his bed is my bedside table no more than 4 feet away from my face).
  4. I’ll coo to him, using various tones which any pigeon owner will be able to recognise as aggressive, loving, excited or confused.
  5. I bow my head to get his attention as he does to me.
  6. I’ll allow him to mate with my hand.

So, it would seem I have a very healthy PIGEON relationship.

One worring and very embarrasing pigeon behavour I do is bow my head at people IN PUBLIC. If I find something cute I find myself bowing my head like a pigeon…

I struggle to think of human behavious my pigeon has picked up. So, is he really more human than pigeon, or am I just a little bit more pigeon than I used to be…?

When I get ready I normally allow Elmo to sit on the laundry basket next to the bath. He likes to be near me constantly. We have one of those aweful ‘over-the-bath’ type showers.

On this occasion, while I was in the shower I could see Elmo peering round at me, and staring at the water and shaking. He normally does this when he wants a bath :) .

I put him in the bath, at the dry end out of the shower spray, and he slowing made his way under the spray by himself, loving every drop!

This video is of him after the shower :)

So, pigeons and showers? A success!

Elmo home alone, cooing at the pigeons outside.

… webcam?

Last week my wife wrote about the wireless IP webcam we bought to keep an eye on Elmo.

Well, the nifty piece of kit arrived on Wednesday last week, and after a little configuring I managed to get it up and running in time for my holiday to Denmark.

I have to say, the novelty of keeping an eye on your most precious beloved pet is fantastic. If he’s in the corner of the room I just pan the camera around, or tilt it down.

Elmo slept for the most part and I could see and hear him cooing away for no apparent reason at times.

All in all, a great purchase!

Next, I need one for Georgie, and I’ll be getting an outdoor wireless IP webcam to keep an eye on our birdfeeder.

Taking bird spotting to the next level!

I arrived in Sonderborg, Denmark on Thursday evening. Sight-seeing at that time of night is restricted to bars and clubs.

In the morning however we had a walk around town and the harbour. Hunting far and wide I’m unhappy to announce there are no pigeons in Sonderborg. Plenty of seagulls and a couple of swans, but not one pigeon to be found.


Swan in Sønderborg Harbour



At some point last night our remaining gerbil Suri passed away. We aren’t sure as to the cause of death, but she was getting old and has been pining away for her sister Petra whom we had to put to sleep last November (due to an inoperable tumor).

We got Suri & Petra from a animal rescue center (Kit Wilson Trust – www.kitwilsontrust.org.uk) on 11th Sept 2007. We’re unsure of how old they were at the time but we were told 1 year old. They had been kept in pretty standard conditions, a small enclosure, and well looked after in terms of food, water, bedding etc.



We managed to find a 4ft fish tank for them to run around in, with numerous tubes running out above the tank where their house and feeding ‘pod’ was kept. They loved the new space they had been given. They ignored the wheel provided and decided to set up house in the wheel pod with their ‘summer cottage’, a wooden house, in the tank below. We like to think that they had a content life, having plenty of toilet rolls to chew as well as feathers to chase.

Rest in peace dear Suri, we hope you’re snuggling up with your sister now.