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Not writing a proper pigeon post today. Got too many things going on.

So I’m asking you all to do something nice for a pigeon, either your own or a wild one.

Just remember, pigeons are the best! :D

It has been a record hot summer in Finland this year – the hottest recorded temperature was 37.2 degrees Celsius (on July 29th). I’m hoping that not too many animals suffered from the excess heat – since they’d normally be used to colder temperatures. (For wintertime, check out: Pigeons in Finland and Finnish pigeons).

Here are some photos of the pigeons we saw this summer:


At the arboretum in Tampere


At the arboretum in Tampere


Chilling out in the sun!


Must be the warmest spot to sunbathe on.


Looking good!


Feral pigeons foraging with the crows and ducks.

We had a coffee in the town centre of Tampere and we were joined by some lovely pigeons, who helped themselves to the left-overs:




I have received the ultimate book on pigeon breeds!! I am so happy!! It is an amazing book filled with photos of all the different breeds of pigeons you can find in the world. It is a book I have been wanting to have ever since I laid eyes on it on the internet (being the book addict I am). A dear friend heard of my desire and bought it for me. I cannot thank her enough!!

The book, of course, is the “Encyclopedia of Pigeon Breeds” by Wendell M. Levi (1965)

It is very thick and heavy, not surprising since it consists of 790 pages! I will spend many a lazy evenings going through it, just looking at all the amazing, weird and wonderful pigeons displayed in it. What a treat!

Richard has come up with some designs and slogans to add onto shirts, mugs, aprons, bumper stickers, etc., to help you lovely people show your support and love of pigeons.

Please check out our shop at http://pigeonsaspets.spreadshirt.co.uk/ and shop to your hearts content! :)

As you might have noticed there is a new box in the right-hand column of our website which displays our merchandise.

Richard will be creating some more designs later, but here are a few examples of what he has done so far:





The England v Algeria football match became interesting for our pet pigeons when a bird was spotted sitting on the Algeria goal post during the match. After a replay we saw what looked to be a juvenile speckled pigeon (Columba guinea) sitting quite safely on the goal post (seeing as there wasn’t much of a threat of a goal from England):

Here’s photos of the pigeon:

Juvenile speckled pigeon

Juvenile speckled pigeon2

And here’s a photo of a different juvenile speckled pigeon:

Juvenile speckled pigeon (photo from Dave Shedman)

Buy your official Pigeons As Pets England v Algeria T-shirts: “Ah! The Algerian goal, the safest place to nest.” at http://www.cafepress.co.uk/pigeonsaspets



Welcome to PigeonCam!

We bought an IP camera in order to keep an eye on our precious pets while we are away on holiday. It’s a great bit of hardware and I’d recommend it to anyone. To access our PigeonCam click on the “PigeonCam” icon on the right of our website. It is early days yet with this so please bear with us. Changes may later occur. At the moment you will only be able to view Elmo (who has the run of the bedroom while we are at work).

Pigeon Hiding Places

Elmo can normally be found:

  • On the foot of the bed, near the window
  • On the chest of drawers directly beneath PigeonCam
  • On the covered bedside table
  • By the door (to the right of PigeonCam)

Operating Hours

PigeonCam is normally online between 8:30am and 4:30pm Mon – Fri.


The image updates every 1.5s. You can control the camera using the arrows which overlay the stream or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

NB: Please be patient when controlling PigeonCam. The image only refreshes every 1.5s so your control will NOT be immediately evident.

Here are a few Finnish pigeons we found in Tampere, Finland. It was -10 degrees Celcius and there was/is lots of snow and ice about. We felt like gathering all the pigeons up and taking them inside for bed and breakfast. Maybe we should start a winter pigeon hotel?





I arrived in Sonderborg, Denmark on Thursday evening. Sight-seeing at that time of night is restricted to bars and clubs.

In the morning however we had a walk around town and the harbour. Hunting far and wide I’m unhappy to announce there are no pigeons in Sonderborg. Plenty of seagulls and a couple of swans, but not one pigeon to be found.


Swan in Sønderborg Harbour

Rest in Peace gerbils Petra and Suri



Small and furry, thumping feet
Twitching noses as they meet

Sisters two,
black and white
Sleeping soundly
out of sight



Rodents they are as quick and as bright,
dumpling Petra, Suri slight.
Time spent digging, chewing and grooming,
neither sand-bathing, simply removing.
A cocoon, a haven, that soft warm nest,
nothing more needed – simply the best!



At some point last night our remaining gerbil Suri passed away. We aren’t sure as to the cause of death, but she was getting old and has been pining away for her sister Petra whom we had to put to sleep last November (due to an inoperable tumor).

We got Suri & Petra from a animal rescue center (Kit Wilson Trust – www.kitwilsontrust.org.uk) on 11th Sept 2007. We’re unsure of how old they were at the time but we were told 1 year old. They had been kept in pretty standard conditions, a small enclosure, and well looked after in terms of food, water, bedding etc.



We managed to find a 4ft fish tank for them to run around in, with numerous tubes running out above the tank where their house and feeding ‘pod’ was kept. They loved the new space they had been given. They ignored the wheel provided and decided to set up house in the wheel pod with their ‘summer cottage’, a wooden house, in the tank below. We like to think that they had a content life, having plenty of toilet rolls to chew as well as feathers to chase.

Rest in peace dear Suri, we hope you’re snuggling up with your sister now.