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The wonderful world of Trompeto pigeon:

Elmo loves attacking his fat woodpigeon toy:

Our pigeon isn’t the only one who likes to attack toys. Here are two other pigeons attacking their cuddly friends:

A very confused ringneck dove is in love with a cat! What a sweet couple! Love it. :)

Follow this link for videos of another pigeon and cat couple: Video Friday: Beautiful pigoen and kitten

Playtime! Some pigeons and doves play nicely, others will attack, and some are just naughty! :)

There’s something so beautiful about a pure white pigeon or dove.

I’ve never seen a stock dove in the wild. They are beautiful birds (love their black eyes) and I will have to go search for them once I know where to find them. :)

All birds spend a lot of time and care in keeping their feathers in good condition. Pigeons preen often and mated pairs will also preen one another, as well as their babies. I love watching them do this. I find it soothing.

Some funny things are going on in zoos nowadays:

Not a pigeon but another over-fed prairie dog who’s too lazy to defend his lunch:

I looked for “New Year pigeon” and “New Year dove” on the old YouTube site, and here’s what I found:

And a few random videos simply for your viewing pleasure:

I must admit, I really cannot get enough of the voice of these doves! They crack me up! :D

I haven’t been very organised this week (short-staffed at work has made me very tired) so I didn’t get the Christmas posts sorted, so forgive me for the videos – all with a Christmas theme though:

And of course, Two Turtle Doves: