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In pigeons, both the mother and father feed their babies crop milk. It is amazing to watch these dedicated parents lovingly feed their babies:

I never tire of seeing pigeons having a shower. They are just too adorable!

In the spirit of the current weather:

A few videos of rollers and tumblers:

The following videos are of Parlor rollers, bred to roll on the ground. I think this is very unnatural and people shouldn’t breed pigeons to do this:

A documentary (in two parts) about Drs. BF Skinner and Robert Epstein and the behaviour experiments they did with pigeons. Interesting viewing although I don’t agree really in their behaviourist views.

Most of us have seen the experiment in the first video so I thought I’d find some more experiments that BF Skinner has done:

Some lovely fancy pigeons:

Some videos from WysInfo Docuweb (more videos on their website: Life of a Baby Pigeon and A New Sibling Squab).

1 day old:

5 days old:

6 days old:

16 days old:

A few random pigeon videos of some beautiful pigeons:

I love these two:

A short documentary in praise of pigeons. The pigeon memory part towards the end (starting from 2:15) is good.