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Very nice videos about King pigeons. Please consider the following: Don’t buy or breed – Adopt instead! :)

Vickster, a very happy pigeon:

Here’s Sophie, a beautiful white pigeon (looks like a King pigeon):

I think this documentary about pigeons and disease needs to be posted on its own so that you all get a chance to view it. You may find parts of it hard to watch, however, it is a really informative documentary and well worth the watch.

I stumbled across this amazing pigeon (he’s so beautiful!) and his playful kitten friend and I just had to dedicate this Video Friday’s post to them. Enjoy!

In memory of Willie the pigeon who befriended an unsuspecting man:

Must be one of the best pigeon dance videos out there. I love the pigeon at the end – he’s very excited and trying very hard to get her attention!

Some cats are great hunters. Not so much these ones:

It seems that in every country, in every city, there is a pigeon man. I don’t understand why people call these men ‘crazy’ – they are just regular people (possibly lonely souls) seeking out the company of loyal, friendly pigeons.

Here are a few of them:

Sometimes pigeons see an object that they quite fancy and they proceed to court it. Here’s a few pigeons that love something other than a pigeon:

And of course, our video of Elmo and his object of desire: